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It's my first time using this program. I think it is very good and simple, pretty much does the animation for you. [AND its used by a guy you may know, Sektor-Z]
Just comment on what you think.

My explosion test using TISFAT

Arrival Of Brutal-Films

2008-07-12 23:59:42 by Brutal-Films

Hello, I am Jack Barson. I am getting into animation and im already working on my introduction to Newgrounds and what is to come from me. I am also willing to collaborate with people who have experience with Flash 8 so they can teach me to animate like them or just make a funny and brutal animation. Here is a little sneak peak of the starting to the introduction. It was made in paint but in future i will make all of my drawings in Flash.
I also plan to make it very bloody and have alot more graphic gore in future. Leave a comment to say hi or tell me what you think of it.

Update 7/16/08: Wow, nobody really cares? I'm not surprised...
PS: Im not noobish even though i just signed up here not long ago. Damn noobs making us newbies look bad...

Update 7/22/08: The introduction is no more!
I realized that there was really no need for it after a few days. I am working on my new animation i call "Earth's Hell". I wont get into details of it until it's the right time... And i submitted a preview of my upcoming song to the portal!
The mod guy just needs to approve it then you can all take a look!